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Fitness tour to svanetia, Georgia
Do you dream to touch the legend and at least get a little closer to the greatest and most magical peak of the Caucasus - Ushba? Do you want to become part of the team of top climbers who ventured to go on one of the most difficult climbs? Or maybe you just long dreamed of seeing the stunning beauty of mountain Svaneti, enjoying the hospitality, friendliness and sincerity of the Georgian people? Welcome to the team!
The Besson Team, led by Igor Besson, has been organizing the ascent to Ushba (Georgia) for the third year, and this year we invite you to become part of our team! Fitness tour to the foot of Ushba is a medium-level trekking, which also includes exciting excursions, visits to the most beautiful places in Georgia, yoga classes and relaxation on one of the best beaches. You will remember this adventure for a
long time!
  • Ushba is one of the most difficult four-thousandths in the world and you can touch the legend;
  • The route begins in Georgia, the country of wine and hospitality;
  • Youth prepared groups;
  • The strongest climbers of Russia of the Besson team work on the route;
  • There is a serious experience of climbing;
  • There is a desire to fulfill your dream.
"Ushba ... It rises in the very center of Upper Svaneti, above Mestia. Its view amazes, stuns, scares and delights. Two and a half kilometers of sheer inaccessible cliffs of pink granites and gneisses! Two and a half kilometers of plumb over the green carpet of meadows and above sparkling glaciers! Try to imagine it. No, it won't work if you didn't see Ushba. It won't work. I saw many different mountains - the Caucasus, Tien Shan, Pamir, Altai, Sayans, Kamchatka ... I visited the Tatras, climbed the most beautiful peaks of the Alps — Mont Blanc and the Matterhorn. All mountains are beautiful. Ushb . No one can not be a second Ushba "- Alexander Kuznetsov "Svaneti ".


Due to the changing situation and possible restrictions at the border, the group is formed depending on the number of applications. Leave your contact details, we will contact you and discuss the most suitable climbing option just for you!

We will select the date and tour just for you!

It is necessary to have an applicable foreign passport for the whole time of stay in georgia. Visa application is not required

Two days of preparation on Elbrus from 09/02/20, departure to Ushba from Elbrus on 04/04/20
Fitness tour program, Georgia
1 day
Meeting at the airport of Mineralnye Vody, at 13.00. Purchase of products. Accommodation in the hotel "Peak of Europe" in the village of Elbrus. Organizational meeting, rental, equipment fitting.
2 day
Climbing Mount Cheget height of 3050 meters. Climbing per day 800 meters. Task: get used to the height of 3000, start the process of acclimatization in your healthy body. Amazing view of Elbrus. Raspberry pies and pasties with huts in a cafe "Marina's place" up there. Return to the hotel, meeting, rental, overnight in the first base camp.
3 day
Early departure from the base camp (3 nights). Border crossing through Vladikavkaz. Directions to the village of Mazeri (Mestia) to the place of approach to Ushba, overnight at the hotel.
4 day
Preparation for the ascent, gathering of backpacks, registration at the border guard, late exit to the first camp. Overnight in tents.
5 day
Early rise and exit, transition to the second camp, a tray of equipment to the glacier, overnight in a tent)
6 day
We escort a group of climbers to climb. Holiday. Descent to Mazeri.
7 day
Excursion to Mestia. Visiting Svan towers - a symbol of Svaneti. One-of-a-kind, unique defensive structures of the early Middle Ages.
8 day
Radial tracking around Ushba
9 day
Holiday. Free program.
10 day
We are going to the sea. Relax on the beach with magnetic sands in the area of Poti. Overnight at the hotel.
11 day
Early check out. Crossing the border. The road to the mineral waters. Arrival late in the evening. Take tickets for September 13th.
The program may vary depending on weather conditions and changes in the program of a group of climbers. We advise you to spend another night in a hotel near the airport and take a return ticket for the 12th day of the program. Return tickets are best taken from Tbilisi (accommodation in Tbilisi is not included in the price).
The cost of fitness tour included:

  • Transfer from Mineralnye Vody airport and back
  • All movements by car (from Russia to Georgia, in Georgia and back)
  • Overnight stays in hotels and guesthouses according to the program
  • Gas products
  • Climbing equipment guide, mountaineering instructor throughout the route
  • Visiting Svan towers
Not included in the cost

  • Train or plane tickets to and from Mineralnye Vody
  • Overnight on the last day of the tour, before departure (if required)
  • Extra nights at the guesthouse (if required)
  • Food on the road and in Pyatigorsk in a cafe
  • Personal equipment rental
  • Insurance

List of necessary clothes:

  • Tracking boots
  • 2 pairs of trekking socks
  • Fleece gloves
  • Warm thermal underwear Top + Bottom
  • Warm hat
  • Cap or panama
  • Hat Jacket + pants (membrane or ski)
  • Fleece jacket Sunglasses
  • Trekking sneakers
List of necessary equipment:

  • Backpack 80 liters
  • Mat
  • Sleeping bag
  • Mug, spoon, bowl, knife
  • Torch
  • Tracking sticks
How to book?
Book on the site by clicking the BOOK button and filling in the questionnaire.
Within three days after completing the form, you will be sent details for payment of the reservation
Igor Besson
Team Leader
WhatsApp +7(931) 503-00-01
Svetlana Andreeva
Manager-team coordinator
WhatsApp +7(953) 009-04-43
WELCOME TO the team!
You will have an unforgettable climb to the top of Europe and an active holiday accompanied by professional mountain guides. A real test of yourself for strength. Magic landscapes, views, a lot of bright impressions and incredible emotions! Memorable pictures, many new friends! Beautiful, young and bright people from your new friendly team called ... however, you have to choose the name of the team, because "how you name a ship - this way it floats."
Besson cinema
Created by Darya Kovalik