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Fitness and photo tour
retreat tour to Elbrus
trekking in the mountains
Elbrus retreat tour program 2020
Rest in the mountains with active tracking on Elbrus at an altitude of up to 4000 meters. Available even to non-trained team members and beginners. It is constantly monitored by experienced fitness instructors and mountaineering guides in conjunction with the Elbrus Climbing teams. Loads in those tours don't exceed the norm, while being quite effective for the body.
  • Bright team of professional guides;
  • There is a big experience of climbing;
  • There is a climbing program;
  • Special tours to Elbrus for wives and children of participants of ascent;
  • There is a friendly company
  • There is a cozy accommodation on Elbrus;
  • 2 own base camps;
  • The first base camp at the hotel "Peak of Europe";
  • Second base camp in a climbing hut at height 3850 meters;
  • Own rental of climbing equipment, clothes and shoes;
  • Youth prepared groups;There is a desire to fulfill Your Dream;
Schedule and cost of fitness tours on Elbrus 2020:
Active tracking on elbrus
Fitness tour program:
Retreat tours are held together with climbers who are preparing for the Ascent. These tours are shorter by 3 days than the ascent tour, and the maximum height is 4000. You can extend the tour for 3 days, stay waiting for the main group of climbers downstairs, in the first base camp, in this case, an extra charge for housing is 800 rubles per day. Physical activity in these tours does not exceed the norm, it is available, including untrained participants.
1 day
Team gathering at the airport Mineralny Vody, on the day the tour starts at 13:30 near the fountain. A trip to the thermal springs - swim in the hot mineral waters, relieve fatigue after the road. Lunch (not included in the price of the tour), we try national dishes (barbecue, jaubaur, hichiny, trout, ayran, shurpa). In the evening we arrive at the base camp - pos. Elbrus Check in at the hotel complex "Peak of Europe" (Our Base Camp "Besson team"). In the evening, the first organizational meeting, which takes place daily, after the meeting, dinner and lights out.
2 day
Climbing Mount Cheget, accompanied by guides with a team of climbers, to a height of 3000 meters, an amazing view of Elbrus. Acquaintance with the mountains, a description of the climbing route to Elbrus, lunch with a magical view of the top of Europe on top of Mount Cheget. Return to the base camp, meeting, overnight at the guesthouse or hotel.
3 day
Acclimatization access to the observatory. A visit to the waterfalls of the Girl's Spit - icy, clean and picturesque. Great place for a photo shoot. Who is tempered can swim in the most beautiful mountain waterfall, fulfilling one of his dreams. We climb 3500 meters, admire the panorama of the Caucasus Range, a snack of sandwiches and herbal tea from Thermoses, descent. On the way down we pass the "Wolf Gate" gorge and return to the base camp at the Hotel, meeting, renting, fitting equipment, rest.
4 day
Ascent to the mountain "Shelter 11". Climbing group throws sleeping bags, equipment, food and clothing into our hut at a height of 3850 meters, a hut above the clouds, the second base camp "Besson team". Acquaintance with the area, discussion of the route, who wants for an additional fee (1500 rubles), you can spend the night above the clouds in a climbing hut. At the request of the same classes with an instructor in ice-snow training, self-restraint on the slope and proper walking in cats with an ice ax and with sticks on the glacier, take pictures, descent to the hotel.
5 day
Day of rest, free program, you can go to the Narzan valey,the Cheget valey for souvenirs, trout fishing in "Rakhat" or a ride on horses and even ATVs along the gorge .... In general, a fantasy flight, you have a free day.
6 day
In the morning, a minibus arrives, takes to Min.Vody airport. You can again stop by for a swim in the hot springs, say goodbye to the mountains. Estimated time of arrival at the airport is 13:00.

It is possible to extend your vacation in the mountains, to stay waiting for the main group of climbers, who are still 2 nights in the second base camp, and storm the top of Europe. Then they descend after the Summit ... stormy joy, emotions. Often there remain Families of those who go for climbing, wives, children. We take children on a retreat tour from 10 years old, with parents from 8 years old. There is always a manager and a cook in our first base camp, there is someone to look after the children.

In case you decide to extend your vacation in the mountains - an extra charge of 800 rubles for each extra night outside the tour program for double occupancy.

The retreat tour cost includes:

Accommodation in a comfortable guesthouse in the village Elbrus Transfer from the airport of Mineralnye Vody to the village of Elbrus, base camp Excursion to the hot (thermal) springs, to the hot mineral lake, entrance ticket Entrance to the Elbrusier National Park Climbing Mount Cheget Trekking the waterfall Guide, guide services for the entire route Transfer back from the village. Elbrus to the station in Mineralnye Vody Unforgettable, cheerful company Emergency assistance Everyone is provided with a photo and video report from the trip in the original Medical insurance, special (trekking) Entrance fees to hot lakes, transfer to the Elbrus cable car
Not included in the cost:

  • Nutrition, healthy, optional vegetarian for 6 days (breakfast and dinner) 3,500 rubles
  • Railroad round-trip ticket - approximately 5,000-6,500 rubles (depending on the season) or air tickets 6-15 thousand depends on the dates of departure and booking
  • Lunches (sandwiches and tea from a thermos at the exits)
  • The cable car during the descent from Cheget, the second day of the program at will (300 rubles). The lift on Elbrus to a height of 3850 meters - you will need 1 time - 1300 rubles on ticket
  • Souvenirs from 100 rub. to infinity =)
  • Equipment rental, list of necessary and rental prices are in the group
Approximate TOTAL:
  • retreat tour with all ext. spending in the guesthouse 25,000 - 29,000 rubles for the whole trip and with all the extra. expenses
  • Additionally, there is an option for accommodation in deluxe rooms and semi deluxe rooms, instead of guest houses
  • Surcharge for single occupancy 6500
  • Semi luxury 7,500 rubles
All the same as above is included

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