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Enjoy your dream
Why do you need a summit?
After choosing the day of the acsent on March 31, having woken up the day before in the alpinist apartment of the village of Neutrinos, slightly feeling the jitters and creeps from an overabundance of adrenaline in the blood, I repeated again and again in my head: "THE ACSENT IS TODAY".

I go out of the bathroom and hear Sergey's cough. I go into the room where Sergey curled up under a woollen blanket and stuck out his inflamed red nose. "I think I have a temperature," he says dejectedly.

Everything broke. During the days of our preparation for the climbing, I already became related to Sergey, and he seemed to me so strong and unconditional support that neither the glacier, nor the snowstorm, nor the freezing space for fifty miles around - nothing particularly scared me. During our acclimatisation Sergey was all the time up, almost without rest, and i was sure that his shoulder is the strongest one. And see.. just before the ascent ...

Quickly remembering everything we experienced during our preparation for the winter ascent to the "Elbrus East Peak 5642", weighing all the pros and cons, I firmly decided: "Anyway, I'll still climb anyway!".

After learning about my choice, the veteran climber Valera, once even a staff doctor in the USSR national mountaineering team, calmly asked: "Are you sure?".

Surprisingly to myself, I also calmly replied: "I'm sure." Valera spread his hands, which could be translated as a wish for luck, and gave me to "try" USSR titanium ice ax with the inscription: "Made in USSR". Then he said: "Look there, on the glacier ... Just in case, save my number, and I'll register you in the Ministry of Emergency Situations."

In ten minutes I was ready to leave for Azau. Already on the move I had a bite yesterday's meatball, carelessly left by a group of Vologda snowboarders and skiers who came to enjoy the slopes of Elbrus. I went to the exit, and suddenly the bell rang.

An experienced real alpinist stood in the doors, Vasilich, master of sports of the USSR , this way Valera introduced him to us. In the shabby sport trousers with sagging knees, in the Dynamo Olympic hat, in an unbuttoned worn down jacket. The skin on his face and on his arms was exhausted by the mountain sun, the burning frost and winds, which made him look like a wise snake. His breath with notes of alcohol and garlic for an unknown reason made me trust this big man.

Vasilich gave me a quick glance. He did not need to say anything aloud, I already understood that he thought at that moment: "Young. Long time will pass for his understanding how to not die stupidly in the mountains. " But about my suddenly awakened ability to read thoughts Vasilich did not suspect and uttered completely devoid of emotions: "Well, you decided to go alone?". And, hesitating, he added: "Are you ready to stay there forever?" At this peak? ".

I understood the seriousness of the question. The reinforced dose of adrenaline rushed straight to my heart, instantly forcing him to knock so hard, as it was in my life only once, on Volgobalt, when I was almost wrapped up in a motorboat with a board for a wakeboard. At that moment, all life lived instantly swept through all the corners of my inner universe, spreading with blood over the arteries and smallest capillaries.

And now it seemed to me that time froze, like prehistoric amber. For a split second, memories from a distant childhood came to life as coloured slides: from the cradle and the first slow school dance to the sounds of "Scorpions" to a quarrel and a fight with a best friend.

And I realised that fate brought me close to some important point, to some kind of turning point, when you can still turn back. To the well-fed, monotonous in his fussiness and exhausting in his lack of freedom manager's life. To the usual urban vibrations, to vanity of vanities, from which you begin to tire, as from heavy physical labor. To the endless "Groundhog Day", without days off and holidays, with a false, like a pasted smile on a tired face with dark circles under the eyes.

And you can not turn back and step into a new life - with the same feeling as parachutists step into the open sky. And suddenly the feeling of complete freedom seemed to lift me above me. Without looking at Vasilich's eyes, I answered his question with a short and unshakable "yes!". The pupils of the wise Vasilich narrowed. So, it must have looked like an approving smile in his performance. He barely nodded appreciatively and took up his leisurely instruction.

It was winter on Elbrus, and the most dangerous place on the route was almost 600 meters of impenetrable ice. On this glacier , which Vasilich called "bottle ice", the mountaineers constantly perished. He advised me to exercise particular caution on this spot.

Now, when I said unambiguous "yes", I had no doubt about it. But this, strangely enough, did not save me from fear. Uncontrollable, to taunts all over the body, clutching the heart of fear.

Later I became convinced that fear is a slightly wild, but noble feeling, which Mother Nature gave us. It is fear, tenacious and affectionate, like a street drunkard, that helps us survive when the voice of the mind is not heard because of the voice of feelings ...

But still closer to the point. It was then, on my first winter ascent, when I was left alone, I quite clearly answered the question that is tormenting any non-Alpinist: "Why do you need this peak?".

Today our team helps two and a half hundred people to climb the peak. They are all dreamers, romantics, enthusiasts, lovers of life. And yet, on the very first day of arrival to the base camp at the foot of Mount Elbrus, where it's not too late to change your mind and return home, at the big general meeting we ask the same question: "Why do you need a summit?" And if they do not have an answer , no matter how purposeful, bright, successful, they were in the "other" life - here they are unlikely to be lucky.

You see, the mountain is arranged the way that allow to summit only who are in great need. It's necessary for the real greatest need.

Climbing Mount Elbrus is often dedicated to someone or something. Not everyone talks about it out loud, but inside yourself. To the girlfriend, to anniversary date or just to a dream about something important ...

Now we go to the mountains well-equipped. We go to the summit, paying money, although in ancient times for such ascent people sacrificed their lives.

Why do I write all this? I appeal to newcomers who ever want to climb on the mysterious Elbrus mountain. And to those who have already visited the summit and clearly understand why he needs it. And, maybe, they are afraid, as for the first time. And maybe they are not afraid - they only know about it ...

Whatever it was, but it is absolutely certain that after climbing Elbrus you will never be the same. This is work, and feat, and test, and goal, and the dream - all at once, all one.

And no one promises that it will be easy. Emotionally yes. Dangerous - yes. Unforgettable - yes. And the rest, will see.

Now think. Do you need a summit?

Physical preparation and training for climbing Elrus
How to prepare for the ascent to Elbrus? Advice, recommendations:
Hiking in the mountains is a test of your body for endurance. Absolutely unprepared people will have muscles pain after the first day of the tour. To feel good in the expedition and keep up with the group, we recommend that you start preparing for the trip a month before, even earlier. If you decided to perform a feat, to climb Elbrus, to change something in your life, you should not give up and start preparing today. Remember: "Everything will change tomorrow, but tomorrow will never come - you wake up every morning, and TODAY comes!"

In the first days after the start of training some people feel muscle pain. It arises from micro ruptures of muscle fibers during exercise, and in part from lactic acid, which fills the muscles after exercise. Do not start immediately with the maximum power. Start with the usual workouts and light runs, gradually increasing the load. The pain passes quickly, and the muscles become stronger and stronger. To climb Elbrus you need to run for middle and long distances, skiing, cycling. Endurance classes should be alternated with activities in the gym. In this way all different groups of muscles will have time to recover.

From daily exercises it is very necessary to do squats. You can also include push-ups, perform exercises for the back and the ABS. Start with small loads, but do more with time. In the process of preparing for the trip, you should also control your meals. Include in your diet fresh fruits and vegetables, proteins, whole grains cereal. If you are a vegetarian, you know yourself better than anyone and everything you need in the food. Limit the use of baking pastries, fast food, carbonated drinks, fat and fried foods. Alcohol and coffee raise the pressure in your body, it makes sense to stop drink it at least a month before the start of the tour. Drink more pure water. Water flushes all the sicknesses in your body. Remember the big importance of water for your body! Smokers should think about the fact that it's time to free yourself of addiction. Many times I met happy people who quit smoking during the ascent to Elbrus.

Climbing Elbrus is an excellent shake-up for all muscle groups. Its checking for moral, spiritual and physical endurance. You will feel refreshed, stronger, more enduring and resistant to already small life problems after the tour. Enough to sit in the office and fly in a pestered Egypt or annoyed Turkey! Change your usual for a person rest for new strong impressions and find out what it is like "to rest after a rest" in the mountains, raise yourself with the mighty energy of the mountains!

Recommendations for training to prepare for the Ascension. If possible, try to run on a soft surface, rubber coating in the stadiums, paths, fields. Fresh air of forest paths is ideal for your spirit, perfect body and health. After one week training you will see how you want it again and again. The body is a perfect being, and as soon as you show it the benefits of loads and training, it will ask again, knowing what it gives itself health and a power of natural energy. You only need 10 days after for pushing yourself if you have not trained for a long time. Your body will quickly remember youth. Then you will want to train harder and harder.

Of course, in our practice were people who reached the peak without sport preparation. And opposite: for those who trained hard, the mountain for some unknown reason, did not let them go to the top. Nevertheless - if you begin to train and prepare for climbing Elbrus your chances of success reaching the summit will be much higher despite on unprepared people. And at the most crucial moment, when you need to make the final breakthrough to the top, you will say "thank you" to your trainings and physical preparation.

Begin to prepare at least a month before. Jogging preferably in the evening, because in the morning the body did not wake up completely and heavy loads may not be completely healthy. Warm-up or easy training is important and very useful for your heart in the morning. But in the evening you can give full load and sweetly fall asleep after a contrasting shower. Its perfect if you run at an easy pace 12 km without stops. You have a big chance to climb the top. A week before the start of the tour stop your workouts and let the body rest and recover. Sport loads will be in the very first days on Elbrus, so your spirit and body will quickly remember the load on trainings and feel normal.

Contrast shower for increased immunity. While taking shower start switching the water from warm and hot to cool and icy in three sets. A week after the beginning of hardening, you can already stand under the icy water for 30 seconds and more. Do not overdo it! There is a very thin line between hardening and sickness. You need to start gradually by switching warm and cool. Then increase the difference in temperature of the water according to the sensations. Then, when you swim in the icy water of the beautiful waterfall "Girl's Braids" on the third day of the program you will be thankful to yourself for contrast showers.

Vitamins. We recommend that you take ascorbic acid (2-3 vitamins a day a month before the start of the tour). Vitamins need to be taken systematically, day by day. Put it on a visible place in your kitchen, on the desktop, in the car. In the morning, lunch and evening. Of course, expensive vitamin complexes can also be used, but their effect is not much better than from usual ascorbic acid, so it's up to you. Drink more fresh water, preferably natural! To feel fine at an altitude of 3-4 thousand meters the climber should drink up to 4 liters of water per day. Accustom yourself to the water. Clean water brings more benefits to your body than you think.


1. To train or not is your choice. If you train more - you get more chances of success. A week before the start of the tour training should be stopped. Give the body a rest before climbing or hiking in the mountains.

2. Vitamins complex, usual Ascorbic Acid is not worse than expensive vitamin complexes! Drink more water!

3. Contrast shower increases the immunity and endurance of the body. We can't see the sun every day in the mountains. Tempering will prepare you to the piercing wind and chilling waterfalls in the best way.

Good luck! If you read how to prepare for an incredible adventure of your life - you are already Unusual and Happy. Get prepared for an ascension to Elbrus, do not forget to protect your health, body and spirit. We are waiting for you on Elbrus with smiles happy, healthy, tempered!

The power of a dream in its grandeur, over which even time does not have power. Tamerlane 1350 year.

After "holiday in the mountains".

According to your wish you can stay in the hotel for a few days, relax after "relaxing in the mountains" :) Overnight in the hotel costs 26 USD, paid separately.

You can also arrive a few days before the start of the tour. Give yourself a head start in the form of additional acclimatization days before climbing. Or simply make your journey longer and to be closer to the beautiful landscapes. Please say in advance if you plan to arrive before the tour program.

Our first base camp is in the hotel "Peak of Europe" in the Elbrus village.

Inside: the boys' room is shared for 6-8 people. The girls' rooms are double. Several double rooms, instructors' room, a large meeting room, dining room, kitchen, shower rooms. In the complex there is also a sauna, a small swimming pool, billiards,a barbecue in a yard, free secure parking.

In the first base camp there is also a rental of climbing equipment, clothes and shoes for climbing Elbrus. A large center where you can rent everything a large group needs. There is always time for rental after meetings. In the application where you fill in when booking a tour, there is an point where you can specify what equipment and clothes you will need to rent.

Every day in the program planned: local exits to waterfalls, hot springs, glaciers, "Shelter 11", "Pastukhov Rocks" The group returns back to the camp for the night.

How to prepare a backpack to Elrbus
Take 2 backpacks... one big (100 L+) ... and second is a small one (45L) for climbing. Start to collect a large backpack first. If your backpack has a base it is better to remove it (gives only weight) .... If it is not removable - it's okay, but will be a little heavier... We put the scrolled tourist mat vertically in the backpack (about 40 cm in diameter). As a result, we got a big cylinder with an empty space inside where we will put all our things. And remember - the backpack should be slim and tall but not thick and low as a sack!

A list of things that we need to put into a backpack. First is sleeping bag ... roll it very tightly and put it in a case (necessary!)...Place it as small as possible... We work it down the backpack in a "roller across" way. Jump with your feet into the backpack and make it compact.

Definitely is better to lay out all the things in front of the backpack on the floor for easy analyse what and when you might need it on the road. Put the first needed things on top of the backpack.

Then we take the boots for climbing and put inside them sport socks, underwear, woolen socks and whatever you can put inside. Make sure there are no empty spaces in shoes left. Put them after sleeping bags.

Then we collect all the winter clothes for climbing and roll every thing into a tight tangle. Do the same with a down jacket. You can fix it with a thin rope...When the tangles are ready - put them in a backpack, systematically pushing. You can help with your feet. Sharp objects put in a cover or wrap in clothing.

We put summer clothes on the top of the backpack, which you may need... do not take a lot. Go in the clothes in which you'll walk there ... Also put a spoon, a plate, a cup and a camera on the top... If the place left - put your meals up on it. Or take it in a separate bag ... Buy a few chocolates, nuts and dried apricots. Supplies very much needed in the mountains when we enjoy waterfalls and glaciers' passes.

Pockets are very important!... Put hygiene things, ascorbic, swimming suite... - so as to arrive quickly ... We go to hot springs immediately after arrival ... Put glasses, phones, headlamps... Basically the rest of the small thing which may be needed or simply did not fit into the backpack...

Put the rest stuff into a small backpack and we fasten it with all kinds of fasteners. Tie it secure ... Put your trekking poles through the straps, which usually on each side of the backpack. Put any material on a sharp tip of a pole.

Tight all the straps, check the list and make sure you don't forget all the stuff you need: money, PASSPORT, TICKETS in a secure place... Sit down and prepare to MAKE YOUR DREAM COME TRUE !! .... Get to the top of Europe WHATEVER IT TAKES..

We decided to make a separate topic for nutrition (because of big amount of questions about food from you, friends). How can you not to take care of your loved stomach :)

We live in the center of a tourist resort village during the tour. In a wonderful guest house, some people in a hotel nearby. There are grocery stores, cafes and restaurants around 20 meters from our accommodation. You can eat independently and with our team by nutrition program (70 USD) .

All our tours have a special food program.

On the day of arrival you have a meeting and the first dinner it will be clear if you want to take our food program for the tour.

Meals for the whole tour costs 70 USD, which includes:

- Breakfasts (various cereals, sandwiches with butter and cheese, tea, salads sometimes )

- Dinners (soups, salads, meat, sauces, tea)

An amazing chef cooks for the team. You will understand everything at the first dinner.

If you are a vegetarian, you just need to inform the cooker about it. All meat dishes, if they are on the menu we always serve separately. Often there are people in a team who do not eat meat.

The ration is built in such a way that the food is easily digested, bringing benefit to your tired body. We try to cook healthy and tasty food for you.

Why lunches are not included?
It's simple. In the morning and in the evening you are always in the base camp, either in the guest house (hotel) at the bottom, or in the hut on the top. And for lunch you are on acclimatization or training route. So for lunch you always have food in your backpack. A thermo bottle with tea, jam or whatever you like, sandwiches, cookies, chocolate, nuts... It all depends on your preferences. At the top you do not always want to eat, so you shouldn't take much food. Everything can be bought down in the shops. The thermo bottles are usually filled by the cooker from the downstairs in the morning. If you do not have a thermos, rent it in our rental centre (18 USD a day) for 7 days needed.

For lunch you can also order sandwiches with yourself from our chef, it costs 20 USD a day. So you decide how to organize your lunch. There are several shops around. The prices are about the same as in all Russia.

Who goes to the ascent the food is organized by guides on top in the hut. Duty assistants from the team are helping with the cooking. Usually there are people willing to help and there are no problems with the duty helpers. If you take the program for 70 USD, then once you have to help with cooking etc. You wash the dishes and in the morning fill thermo bottles for the whole group. In general to help with its always a big fun! You will understand after your time comes to it.

Description of Elbrus and cheget ski & snowboard routes
Elbrus region is now one of the most popular and famous World Ski Resorts. Elbrus and Cheget located in the Baksan Gorge, Russia (Kabardino-BalkariaRepublic). For today it has 13 km of cable cars and 37 km of ski slopes. The two main slopes are Cheget and Elbrus.

Two-headed Elbrus is the highest peak in Russia, the summit of Europe.

The western peak of Elbrus is 5642m high, actually it is the summit of Europe. The eastern peak of Elbrus is 5621m. Only 21 meters below the western one. Elbrus is a volcano with two craters. On some slopes you can ski all year round. The highest cable car in Europe is located on the southern slope of Elbrus, the station "Gara-Bashi" (3847m) close to our second base camp "Besson travel". The cable car on Mount Elbrus serves the wide and comfortable route "Gara Bashi - Mir", accessible to all categories of skiers almost all year round.

Cheget is opposite the Elbrus. A wonderful panorama opens on its slopes to the view of Elbrus and the Baksan Gorge. Prepared tracks on Cheget are more popular with skiers than snowboarders. But off-piste skating on the northern slopes of Cheget is a favorite place for snowboarders to freeride. ATTENTION AVALANCHE DANGER!

Gondola cable lift "Elbrus": ("Frantsujenka" called)

Elbrus station 1. "Azau" 2350m.- «Stary Krugozor»st. (2950 m.). The height difference is 650 m. The longest track in Elbrus region is 2500 m.

Elbrus station 2. "Stary Krugozor" -"Mir" st. (3500 m.). The height difference is 550 m. The length of the route is 2000 m.

Elbrus station 3 "Mir" - "Gara-Bashi" st. (3850 m.). The length of the route is 1600 m.

There is also a ski lift "Elbrus": st. "Mir" - "Gara-Bashi" st. The height difference is 280 m.

Pendulum ropeway with 2 lines, from "Azau" to "Mir" station.

At all cable car stations there are many cafes, snack bars, souvenir shops and even a museum at Mir station. It can be very cheap to eat on the slope, if you compare prices to Europe resorts including "Krasnaya Polyana" in Sochi.

The total length of the slopes on Elbrus is more than 35 km.

Cable-lift "Cheget": the journey to the mountain is about 25 minutes by cable car. It starts from the picturesque meadow "Cheget", at an altitude of 2100 m. Than cafe "Ai" (2750 m) stop with a convenient survey site. The last station of the road is at an altitude of 3050m:

First line - two cableways: one-chairlift and a pair-chairlift. The height difference is 650 m. The length of the route is 1600 m.

The second line is a single-chair lift, the height difference is 300 m. The length of the ski slope is 900 m.

The cable car to Cheget lifts you from Cheget's Glade to the altitude of 3050 meters. The most striking freeride slopes of the country start from here to the North side of Cheget. ATTENTION AVALANCHE DANGER! Don't go to the North side without specially trained guides.

But there is a route also good for beginners under the cable car on Cheget. There are even places where guides teach snowboarders and skiers. All light trails are mainly on the Southern slopes of Cheget. Be careful with the South side because there is a border zone with Georgia. Do not go too far on the South and ride under the cable car, there will be enough place for everyone.

Popular sports on Mount Elbrus: tourism, mountaineering, mountain skiing, heli-ski, snowboard, freeride, freestyle, ski tour.

Tracks maps check in the photo gallery.

Infrastructure on Elbrus
It is mainly concentrated on the southern slopes, where the cable way is located. The height of the lift is 3750 meters. Tehre is the shelter "Bochki". Its more than ten six-seated insulated apartment trailers and a kitchen. Now this is the main starting point for climbing Elbrus. "Shelter eleven" (4000 m) is the highest hotel. Burnt at the end of the 20th century. There is a new building, also actively used by climbers. It was made on the basis of the boiler house. There are 12 local trailers and kitchen. The work of the diesel generator with the supply of electricity to the trailers organizes in evenings. The Pastukhov rocks are located at an altitude of 4600-4700 m. There is an ice field in winter above the Pastukhov rocks. From the height of 5000 m a trail with a smooth altitude growth begins. The standard route to the Western and Eastern peaks passes through the col. From the col both peaks rise to a height of 300 m.

Work is under way of the rescue shelter construction on the mountain saddle (height 5300 m) ("Station EG 5300") since 2007. It will be a hemisphere of a geodesic dome with a diameter of 6.7 m, installed on a foundation of gabions. A base camp was prepared and the shelter design began in 2008. The construction work of the dome began in 2009: the members of the expedition erected gabions and transported the elements of the dome to the construction place (by helicopter). The completion of construction was in 2010.

The infrastructure is developed on the north side. Its a few huts (at an altitude of about 3800 m), which are used by tourists and employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Usually this place i useable for west side ascents. The way to summit is through Lenz rocks (from 4600 to 5200 m) serves a good reference po

Is there any mobile connection on the route?
"Summer ascent" and "Winter ascent" there are russian operators on the slopes like "Megafon", "Beeline", "MTS" (not so good). You can freely call anyone and tell about your victory! Only in the col and the very top there is no connection (above 5300), and it will not be easy to find suitable words there. In the first part of the tour, in the mountain gorges, waterfalls, glaciers and passes, communication will only disappear occasionally. There will also be a connection in the Terskol village , where we will spend the night on the main part of the trip.... With mobile internet there are no problems... let's say if you have a laptop running through modem - then the Internet will cost the same as your home.
Season on the Elbrus
There are 2 seasons in the Elbrus region. Winter and Summer.

The winter season is a paradise for snowboarders, alpine skiers and all lovers of winter sports. This season is clearly linked to the presence of snow on the slopes of Elbrus and Cheget. And of course the New Year Holidays on Elbrus like a magical time in the Elbrus region. The highest prices for housing are from December 25 to January 10 as however everywhere. On the cable cars there are queues, although the "French" cable car can raise up to 2300 people per hour. There are traffic jams at the entrances to the Azau and Cheget glades. So on holidays it makes sense to walk between the slopes up to the cable cars. To book a hotel better strongly in advance, and be careful with the private houses for new year holidays. There are fraudsters. Better to book through trusted operators or your friends.

You can't always see much snow on holidays. Snow cover can be viewed online. Video cameras are installed on the slopes of Cheget and Elbrus, you can always see the state of the snow cover on the slopes.

Also a reliable and informative weather forecast can be seen from the heights for Elbrus.

Prices begin to fall from March and April. I'll tell you one secret! The coolest time for skiing and snowboarding is March, April, May on Mount Elbrus!

Snow cover is almost always great. Just be careful on off-piste skating. Do not climb at this time to the North of Cheget and on the glaciers of Elbrus, Avalanche danger! On the prepared slopes there is no danger! Just pay attention to the prohibitory signs! Don't be like all Russians. They think the prohibitions are not for them) Carefully. By the way, we organize inexpensive snowboard tours to Elbrus from April. I work as a guide on these tours and I ride with the guys on the slopes for the first few days. We explore the tracks on Elbrus and Cheget. We invite you to join us from April to May. The sweetest time for skiing in the Elbrus region.

The snow lies until July at altitudes of 3500+ and you can safely ride on Elbrus. Now the cable car lifts right up to 3850, the height of our second base camp for the ascent to Elbrus "Besson travel". You can ride higher if you climb up to "Shelter 11" 4060 meters and even to "Pastukhov Rocks" (the upper edge of 4700, the lower 4600 meters.) Ask the organiser for the details.

Pharmacy for extreme tourism
Elbrus region is famous for its resorts with mineral waters and thermal springs. The mild climate, picturesque natural landscapes, abundance of fruits, hospitality of the inhabitants, the richness of flora and fauna make this region a resort of international importance.
The routes of the Elbrus region are striking in their diversity - there are numerous tourist and climbing routes of varying degrees of difficulty. The gorges are equipped with camp sites, mountain shelters, guest huts, climbers' camps. In addition to the breathtaking mountain landscapes, tourists will be able to see ancient fortresses, catacombs, an ancient man's parking lot and many other attractions.
In the winter months, the Elbrus region is popular with lovers of snowboarding and skiing. The main ski areas are located on the slopes of Elbrus and Cheget. In total, 6 ski slopes with elevations from 2280 to 3800 meters are equipped on Elbrus. On the slopes of Cheget there are 15 ski and snowboard slopes with a vertical drop from 2100 to 3350 meters. The slopes of the ski resort vary from slopes for beginners, blue, red, to the most extreme slopes in the CIS and Europe - black slopes. The slopes of Elbrus and Cheget are equipped with nine modern lifts, cable cars from modern French gondola lifts to the most reliable Soviet pendulum and chairlift.
The resort of Elbrus region will delight guests with a high level of service. You can stay here in different hotels, hotels and in the private sector. Popular resort villages located in the immediate vicinity of the cable cars: Terskol, Azau, Cheget glade, and a little further from the slopes a large village of the same name Elbrus. It offers tourists numerous entertainment venues - bars, cafes, discos, alpine baths and saunas with a pool, entertainment venues with bowling and billiards, trout fishing and much more. Guests can choose from a wide variety of sightseeing trips, horseback riding, snowmobiling, fishing in mountain rivers and other attractions.
Test by height
Climbing Elbrus is an excellent exercise for all muscle groups. After the trip, you will feel refreshed - stronger, more resilient and resistant to minor life problems. Stop sitting in the office and fly on vacation to hackneyed Egypt and bored Turkey! Join our team and find out what adrenaline you can get from hiking in the mountains!
Recommendations for training. If possible, try to run on a soft surface, the rubber coating in the stadiums, paths, fields - great fit. Minimize asphalt runs, as you can break your knees and hammer muscles from such experiments, and try not to run along the tracks, roads, because your lungs do not need the entire set of the periodic table, inhaled on the side of the road with intensive training. The fresh air of forest paths is ideal for your health.
Start preparing at least a month in advance, preferably in the evening, in the morning the body did not wake up completely, and heavy loads may not be very useful. In the morning, a warm-up or light workout is important and very useful so as not to burden an unawakened heart. But in the evening you can give a full load to the full extent, so that later, after a contrast shower, it is sweet to fall asleep. If you run at an easy pace 12 kilometers without stops - this is a great option. You have every chance to be on top. Stop your training a week before the start of the tour, let the body rest and recover. Here, on Elbrus, the loads will be already in the first days, your spirit and body will quickly return to normal upon arrival.
Vitamins We recommend one month before the start of the tour to take ascorbic acid, 2-3 vitamins per day, no longer needed - will not be absorbed. Vitamins need to be taken systemically, day after day. Let ascorbin be in a prominent place in your kitchen, on your desktop, in a car. In the morning, at lunch and in the evening. Of course, expensive vitamin complexes can also be used, but their effect is not much better than from ordinary ascorbic acid, so it's up to you. Drink more fresh water, preferably natural.
1. Whether or not to train is your choice, the more you train, the higher the chances of success. A week before the start of the tour, you must stop training, give the body a rest before climbing or going to the mountains.
2. Vitamins in a complex, ordinary ascorbic acid is no worse than expensive advertised vitamin complexes!
3. Contrast shower - increases the immunity and stamina of the body as a whole. In the mountains, the sun is not always, and to a piercing wind and chilling waterfalls, hardening will prepare you perfectly.
Good luck, do not forget to protect your health, body and spirit. We are waiting for you on Elbrus, happy, healthy, seasoned and with smiles. Your dreams are our wings.
How to choose the footwear for hiking?
For walking outside the urban asphalt it is very important to choose the right shoes. Only in comfortable shoes or sneakers you can pass many kilometers without the risk of rubbing your calluses, wet your feet or knock down the soles. In shoe stores are many models - from walking with a dog in the park to storming Mount Everest. Trekking is a hiking on rough terrain of varying complexity.

Despite on traditional sneakers, tracking shoes reliably fix the leg, protect the ankle area from slight dislocations, scratches and bumps. Also prevent the penetration of sand, snow and moisture "from the top". Many models of trekking boots have a special membrane or impregnation for protection of getting wet.

Shoes for thiking are quite tough. It provides reliable protection of the ankle from dislocations in different situations. If necessary, in such shoes you can make hikes along stony mountain trails, snow, glaciers. Its because of combinations of leather and composite materials, the top of shoes with a waterproof membrane and comfortable feeling in such shoes. Good tracking shoes usually do not get wet, the legs feel air and do not freeze.

What kind of shoes do you need use to climb Elbrus?

All fans of an active way of life and participants of tourist and mountain campaigns should buy hiking boots. Such shoes will suit for walking along city streets during the period of autumn and winter slush. It does not slip, does not get wet, the feet are dry and do not get tired and do not freeze.

There is no need to buy expensive shoes for hiking if you decided just to spend a saturated extreme vacation in the mountains and get acquainted with Elbrus. I'm not sure if you will find these shoes useful in the future. The participants of the tours to Elbrus can take hiking boots for rent immediately after the arrival. This is a more profitable option than buying (about 15 USD a day). For example, when climbing Elbrus, hiking boots you need for 4-5 days, and plastic shoes will be needed for summit (2-4 days). Take hiking boots for rent. Its much more reasonable than buying it for 500 USD if in the future you won't need them.

If you still travel a lot and hiking boots are useful for you in the future we publish some practical tips.

Recommendations for the selection of hiking boots before buying:

We are interested in hiking boots for heights of 2-5 thousand meters.

Hiking boots are indispensable in any mountain hike and for climbing Elbrus. Tourist shoes are usually divided into categories according to the heights for which the models are designed. The higher the altitude and below the air temperature, for which a certain model of shoes is designed, so it is more expensive. On the average, quality mountain footwear for hikes on mountains in the height of 2-4 thousand meters costs 100-200 USD.

When choosing it is important to pay attention to several factors:

  • Choose shoes with a high top, tightly fixing the ankle, protecting against a possible dislocation;
  • Lacing should ensure a good fixation of the foot and ankle;
  • The sole of high-quality tracking shoes is solid, almost unbending, with a good tenacious tread. Many manufacturers put on their shoes a special patented sole "vibram" which is an excellent option for hiking in the mountains.
  • It is advisable to choose models of shoes for ascents that have a welt in the back of the sole for fixing half-automatic crampons to the shoe. The models of trekking boots, designed for use at a large level, often equip the welt both in front and behind;
  • The material of the boots should be modern, composite, with different multi-layered breathable membranes or skin, Gore tex ideally. No fur inside !

Trekking shoes, designed for hiking at an altitude of 2000-4000 meters are with a soft sole, which is less practical. Prices for such shoes are in the range of 50-200 USD.

There are hiking boots, with which you can even climb the top of Elbrus. Although ideally it is believed that Elbrus should walk in plastic shoes, designed for high-altitude climbing, equipped with an additional layer of internal insulation, inner felt boots and plastic boots, like a ski or snowboard boot.

Models of hiking , designed for climbing, are much more expensive - the price for them varies in the range of 200-500 USD.

In the process of trying on boots pay attention to a good fixation of the foot inside the boot. You can take shoes half a size bigger, so that the toe is slightly free. Do not buy tight shoes at all! You need to measure shoes for one tracking sock, snowboard sock or warm. But never use woolen socks and no 2-3 layers of thin socks.

The second and third sock simply limits blood circulation and helps you earn more calluses, thereby making only worse!

In trekking boots you can walk both in the heat and in the cold, they breathable and do not get wet. Also they have well protect from injuries. Try to walk in them a lot before you go in mountains if you do not want blood corns!

We hire our hiking, plastic boots, climbing shoes, clothes and equipment in Terskol village, at the foot of Elbrus. You can take the shoes for tracking the right size for hire.

Buy or not to buy hiking boots it's up to you!

Recommended brands: Mammut, Scarpa, Millet, La Sportiva, Zamberlan, Asolo, Lowa.

Created by Darya Kovalik