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Iceland auto tour
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Auto tours in Iceland
Iceland is the dream of a sophisticated traveler.
A place where hearts remain to live ... It is easy to fulfill a dream, to climb an active volcano, accompanied by experienced mountain guides,
instructors from the Besson team- easily.
  • With you a team of professional guides
  • There is serious climbing experience
  • Own climbing program
  • 33 waterfalls
  • Active volcanoes
  • A week's journey through the Atlantic Tale
  • Blue Lagoon
  • Thermal springs
  • Hundred kilograms of joy
  • Friendly company
  • Youth prepared groups
  • The desire to fulfill your dream
Schedule of auto tours in Iceland 2020:
Program of road tour in Iceland 2020
1 day
In the evening, departure by Bus from St. Petersburg to Helsinki Airport (Finland)
2 day
In the morning departure Helsinki - Reykjavik, direct flight, flight time 3.5 hours. Meeting at the airport, meeting the team. Departure to the city of Grindavik - the first base camp. Stop in Camping, lunch, camping. Departure to the active heart-shaped volcano, lighthouse and Bird's Rocks.
3 day
Departure along the Atlantic Ocean through hot geysers towards the Ice Lagoon.

Radial exits, exploring the surroundings, panoramas in Skogar, 5 Waterfalls. Radial exit to the broken plane on a black sandy beach. City of Vic. Stop at the beautiful Vic Beach, Rocky Arches.

4 day
We explore the incredible Ice Lagoon and Diamond beach with soot-colored sand and diamond ice floes 100 km in the west. Setting up a camp at a campsite near Skaftafel.
5 day
Radial access to waterfalls in the vicinity of Skaftafel, another glacier, exit to the Geysers, Gelfoss waterfall and the First European Parliament of the ancient city of Thingvellir in the fault of tectonic plates. Arrival at Reykjavik Camping.
6 day
All day in Reykjavik, in the evening departure to the "Blue Lagoon" (one of the wonders of the world)
7 day
Free day, choose the sights in Iceland in the vicinity and together decide what to visit, whale excursions (paid separately) or just a day of rest are possible.
8 day
Early departure to the airport, farewell to Iceland. After lunch, transfer from Helsinki to St. Petersburg. At night on the last day of the tour you will be in St. Petersburg. Joy, happiness, tears .... and all that)
Included in the cost:

  • Flights Helsinki-Reykjavik - Helsinki
  • Bus St. Petersburg - Helsinki and back
  • Fee for baggage on the plane 23kg
  • All transfers according to the program - 7 days tour program with a guide for the whole tour
  • Climbing the active volcano Eyyafyadekudl (optional)
  • Overnight in campsites and tents, including rental of tents for the whole tour
  • Payment for campsites (in camps there is a shower and kitchen, comfortable camping and field conditions)
  • Meals breakfast and dinner near field (dinners at radial exits are not included)
  • Medical sports insurance
  • A friendly company, and a great mood in any weather
Additional costs:

  • Visa, visa support (requires a valid Schengen visa)
  • Our travel agency provides visa processing and registration support, on request
  • Meals during radial exits and exits, count on 10-20 Euro per day (snack taken with you, tea from a thermos)
  • Rental of equipment, clothes, a list of necessary clothes for a trip to Iceland
  • Video shooting from the drone (negotiated individually)
  • Souvenirs
  • Visit to the "Blue Lagoon" (54 Euro admission ticket)
  • Optional Excursions in Reykjavik at will (excursion to Whales 50-70 Euro)

How to book?
Book on the site by clicking the BOOK button and filling in the questionnaire.
Within three days after completing the form, you will be sent details for payment of the reservation
Igor Besson
Team Leader
WhatsApp +7(931) 503-00-01
WELCOME TO the team!
You will have an unforgettable climb to the top of Europe and an active holiday accompanied by professional mountain guides. A real test of yourself for strength. Magic landscapes, views, a lot of bright impressions and incredible emotions! Memorable pictures, many new friends! Beautiful, young and bright people from your new friendly team called ... however, you have to choose the name of the team, because "how you name a ship - this way it floats."
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