Climbing mount Elbrus

Have you dreamed of climbing your summit? Elbrus is one of the highest peaks of the world. The peak of Europe and Russia is 5642 meters high. Climbing Elbrus with a team of experienced mountain guides, Besson team - ENJOY YOUR DREAM
  • A team of professional Guides;
  • A serious experience of climbing tours;
  • Our own program for climbing;
  • Fitness tours to Elbrus for wives and children of mountainers;
  • Amazing friendly company;
  • Beautiful, cozy accommodation on Elbrus;
  • 2 own base camps at the foot of the mountain;
  • The first base camp is in the hotel "Peak of Europe";
  • Second base camp in a mountaineering hut at 3850 meters;
  • Own rental of climbing equipment, clothes and shoes on Elbrus;
  • Youth trained groups;
  • A big desire to realize Your Dream;
Price details climbing Mount Elbrus:
The price for the "Climbing Elbrus" tour depends on several factors:
  • The date of your booking (early booking a few months before the start of the tour gives you a chance to get the lowest price).
  • The number of remaining places in the group (in each group of "climbing" only 12 possible places, but if there are less than half of the seats in a certain group - the price starts to rise).
  • Seasonal vacations (in July and August, prices are usually higher because of the large amount of holidays in the country).
  • Discounts apply only to early bookings and to participants who are not the first time traveling as a member in our team.
  • Please, make sure there are free places in the group before you pay for your reservation if only one month left. In this option a group can be already completed.
  • The market, we always follow the market, and we form for the participants of our teams the most relevant and attractive prices for unforgettable tours in our groups.
Thank you for being with us!

Price details climbing Mount Elbrus:

Climbing Mount Elbrus south Route 2021
Climbing Mount Elbrus North Route 2021
Climbing Mount Elbrus East Route to the eastern top 2021
Minimum price of mount elbrus expedition climb 2021 is 525 €. The cost of the climbing elbrus depends on the amount of remaining places in the group and time remaining to the beginning of the tour. Early booking is always cheaper. Middle of july and august - usually more expensive because of the seasonal flow of elbrus climbers and limited amount of places.
You are not the only one who dreams to climb the Elbrus, to feel the incredible beauty, power, strength, magic energy of the mountains. To become stronger than your own laziness, to test yourself, your body and spirit for strength. To spend a vacation with unusual, interesting, bright extreme. To feel unforgettable impressions and emotions. The summit of Europe and Russia, the western peak of Elbrus is 5642 meters high, one of the seven Peaks of the World seven continent's. Do you dream about your top, or do you want to test yourself? We will try to do everything possible to make your dream come true, to climb Elbrus accompanied by experienced guides who sincerely love their work.

Description of the route and the program of climbing Mount Elbrus 2021

Western top Elbrus, on a classical route from the south 2021
1 day
Group meeting at the airport of Mineralnye Vody in the day of the tour beginning at 12 PM near the fountain. A trip to the thermal springs: a bathe in hot mineral waters where you can remove fatigue after the road and spend enjoyable time in the healing pools. We come to the base camp (170 km from the airport - Elbrus settlement). Accommodation in the First Base Camp "Besson travel" is located in the hotel "Peak of Europe", right at the foot of Mount Elbrus. In the evening we have the first organizational daily meeting. After dinner we speak about equipment rental and answer on the other questions. A large rental of equipment and clothes for climbing is located right in the camp. The first night will be in the hotel.

2 day
Beginning of the lowest acclimatization. We climb to the mountain Cheget 3050 meters high and enjoy a delightful view of Elbrus. The task is to spend 2 hours at an altitude of 3050 m. Acquaintance with the mountains, description of the route of the Elbrus Mount Expedition, fitting and fixing the equipment. Turn back to the hotel for a meeting and rental. Second night we spend in the first base camp.
3 day
Acclimatization route to the observatory. Stop on the waterfalls "Girls' braids". Watch and feel an incredible beautiful waterfall at the foot of Elbrus. A great place for a photoshoot. Seasoned people can bathe in the most beautiful mountain waterfall, and make a wonderful dream come true. You can come into the streams, like in a movie. A water wall will be in front of you. We reach a height 3,500 meters along the classical route of the Mount Elbrus Expedition from the South. The panorama of the Caucasian ridge will help to get the necessary adrenaline, providing an inflow of energy. On the way down we pass the canyon "Wolf Gates" and return to the base camp in the village. Than we have a usual meeting afterwards and talk about results of the lower acclimatization phase. Get prepared for the transfer to the second camp, rental of equipment, clothes and shoes for climbing Elbrus. Equipment fitting. Night in the hotel.
4 day
We get up late and throw sleeping bags, equipment, food and clothes into a mountaineering hut to a height of 3,850 meters. A hut is above the clouds, which is the second base camp "Besson travel". Acquaintance with the terrain, training with an instructor on ice and snow preparation. Self-detainment at a steep slope and proper walking in mountaineering crampons with an ice axe on a glacier. Classes are conducted by:
  • Instructor Vladimir Kondrashov, the first guide. Master of Sports, champion of Russia in mountaineering;
  • Instructor Evgeny Kheraskov, the first guide. Candidate Master of Sports in mountaineering;
  • Instructor Igor Besson, the first guide, the organizer of the team "Besson travel".
The first night in a hut at an altitude of 3850 m.
5 day
Acclimatization route to the "Pastukhov Rocks". The height of the lower edge of the Pastukhov rocks is 4570 meters, the upper edge is 4700 meters. The task is to spend 1.5-2 hours at an altitude of 4700 meters, to fix the top phase of the acclimatization. We master the technique of correct movement in mountaineering crampons and technique of the speed downhill.
The second night we spend in a mountain hut, which is the second base camp.
6 day
The day of relax, the body recovery before the mountain's peak storming. If desired, you can go down to the first Base Camp, take a shower, recover your strength before the summit of Elbrus.
The successful location of the second base camp allows you to make an operational descent and ascent on a modern cable car, in cabins with an amazing view from windows.
On the porch of the hut there are unbelievable views of the Caucasian Range. If you are lucky with the weather, you can see unforgettable sunrises, fiery sunsets, the milky way with the naked eye. You can see starfalls in August and September. Just make a wish while standing at the foot of the summit of the European continent with a breathtaking view.
7 day
Climbing to the Western summit of Elbrus with a height of 5,642 meters (Highest point of Europe and Russia), The main day in the tour. Beginning of the climbing peak near 2-3 AM. Ascent and descent takes from 10 to 14 hours. Return to the second base camp will take approximately 15 hours. We collect our stuff and get down by the cable car to the hotel. Than return equipment for hire. For participants who still have energy we have a festive dinner at the "Rakhat" or in the Base camp with open air barbecue. Rewarding climbers with Brand Certificates with outstanding badges for climbing Elbrus.
8 day
A "spare" day in case of bad weather. If the climb to Elbrus was successful - we get a rest. Feel free to: ride horses, visit the waterfall "Chuchhur", the "Narzanov's" glade and visit the famous V.S.Vysotsky's alpinist museum. The hotel has a sauna with a small swimming pool. Also there are famous restaurants with National kitchen and trout fishing nearby. Enjoy by walking across the souvenir market, Cheget and Azau glade.
9 day
Enjoy your breakfast in the morning. Than you will be taken to the airport of the city of Mineralnye Vody by minibus. Take photos on beautiful road of Baksansky canyon, say thankful "bye" to the mountains. The estimated time of arrival at the airport is at 12 PM.


Due to the changing situation and possible restrictions at the border, the group is formed depending on the number of applications. Leave your contact details, we will contact you and discuss the most suitable climbing option just for you!

We will select the date and tour just for you!

Our First Base Camp is located in the hotel "Peak of Europe" in the village of Elbrus.
There is a separate block inside the camp: the boys' room is shared up to 10 people. The girls' rooms are double. We have a several double rooms. Also a room for instructors, a large meeting room, dining room, kitchen and shower rooms. In the complex there is also a sauna, a small swimming pool, billiards, an open air barbecue, free secure parking.
In the first base camp there is also a rental of climbing equipment, clothes and shoes for Mount Elbrus Expedition. We got everything a big group need in our rental center. Any equipment you need is available. There is always a time for rental after meetings. In the form that you fill out when booking a tour, there is an item in which you can specify in advance what equipment and clothes you need to rent. Every day the program includes local routes to waterfalls, hot springs, mountain passes, glaciers, mineral healing water, "Shelter 11", "Pastukhov Rocks", and group returns to the camp in evening for the night.
Our Second Base Camp is at an altitude of 3850 meters.
You spend 3 nights in the second base camp. It is a special mountaineering hut above the clouds, near the "Shelter of the Eleven" and the Shelter "Barrels" 3700.
There is also a room for boys, a girls' room and a kitchen inside the hut.
The temperature in the hut during the day is about +15, but it can drop to +5 at night.
Expedition to Elbrus was appointed from the second base camp.
Price of the tour climbing moutn Elbrus 755 euro or 835 $ includes:
  • Accommodation at the modern hotel "Peak of Europe" Elbrus, First Base Camp Besson team, altitude of 1700 meters . The hotel has everything you need: equipment and clothes rental, large living room with kitchen, washing machine, a sauna with a small pool, a games room (billiards, tennis, hockey). WiFi, barbecue in the yard, free of charge secure parking.
  • 5 Nights in the Hotel, double room
  • 3 Nights in the alpinist huts, altitude of 3850 meters, the Second Base Camp Besson team
  • Transfer from Mineralnye Vody airport to Elbrus mountain and back (170 km. one way).
  • Medical special insurance. Russian insurance company with a good reputation in the mountains (trekking in the mountains).
  • The entrance fee to the Elbrus National Park
  • Acclimatization ascents according to the program of the tour: the waterfall "Devichye Kosy", the Observatory, Cheget Mountain and the "Pastukhova rocks ", accompanied by guides Besson team.
  • Mountain Guides' service. Guides for the whole tour, including climbing the western summit of Elbrus 5642m.
  • Classes with an instructor on ice and snow preparation. Self-detention on the slope and proper walking in crampons with ice axe and trekking poles on the glacier.
  • Organization of radio communication and navigation. Also the cost includes registration in the secure service of the Russia Ministry for Emergency Situations on the route.
  • Group equipment.
  • Cable car for throwing equipment to the second base camp 25 €, included in the price 1 time
  • Company Certificate of Climbing in the end of the expedition.
  • An unforgettable, cheerful, enthusiastic company and a team who loves everything they do.
  • Everyone can get a photo and video report from the trip in the original size, see the samples on this website and our Facebook group.
  • *You get a special price for full meals (9 days): breakfasts, afternoon tea and full dinners with free supplement for 65 € price for all 9 days. Paid after arrival for the whole tour, not included in the price!
Possible money expenses:

  • Official Invitation letter for the Russian Tourist Visa (Visa support). 45 €.
    We email it to you immediately after we got your deposit payment and a scanned copy of your passport ID.
  • Plane ticket to Mineralnye Vody airport in both directions 90 -220 €. The price depends on the dates, check the prices on the airlines' websites.
    The earlier you buy - the cheaper it costs.
  • Full meals for 9 days 65 € for the whole tour: breakfasts, afternoon tea and full dinners with free supplement
  • Souvenirs ... depends how much you want! Price starts from 2 € and up to infinity ... until the place in the backpack will allow.
  • Rental of equipment and clothes on Elbrus. Equipment rental usually costs 50-150 € if you got your own clothes partly. Here you can calculate it in details. See the document at the bottom of the page.
  • At the request of the whole group we can use a Snowcat (a self-propelled machine capable of dropping the group to a height of 4700-5000 meters during the summit) from the hut 3850 meters to the upper edge of "Pastukhov Rocks"(4700 m) on the night of the summit. The price is about 70 €, depends how many people in the group. It goes up to 1km on height and saves about 3 hours of sleep and walk. It can be ordered only at the request of the whole group and also raises to an altitude of 5100 meters (about 140 € per person).
  • At your request you can live in separate luxury hotel rooms (surcharge 145 €) or standard class single room (85 €).
Example total in euro:

  • climbing tour - about 595 - 755 € (depends on dates).
  • tickets to min waters 90-300 €
  • meals 9 days 67 €
  • rental 75-125 € if there is no your own clothes.
  • snowcat 70-100 € (if requested).
  • accommodation surcharge:
  • half-suite room +85 € to the cost of the tour;
  • suite room +145 € to the cost of the tour.
Participants who travel with our team on elbrus not the first time are getting 20% tour discount!
How to book?
Book on the site by clicking the BOOK button and filling in the questionnaire.
Within three days after completing the form, you will be sent details for payment of the reservation
If you want to write in Whats App then click on the photo below
Igor Besson
Team Leader
Svetlana Andreeva
Manager-team coordinator
Equipment list for climbing Elbrus
What to take to climb Elbrus?

For climbing Elbrus from the South you will need:

Clothes and shoes are required for climbing Elbrus:

  • Two T-shirts.
  • Thermal underwear (price does not matter, the main task is to take moisture away from the body, athletic, slim, no need to take a thick insulated, because sporting thin quickly wicks away moisture),
  • thermo mask - if there is a (not necessarily protects nose and cheeks from frostbite and sun burns, you can liberally smear the face cream, the need for masks is eliminated)
  • Jacket lightweight hooded windproof for walking with temperatures up to +2, will fit a good jacket, if there is Gore-Tex or membrane, is very good.
  • Alpine boots, plastic mountaineering boots under cat. The sole should be harder, preferably with a Welt for fastening of cats, in size, half a size more, the main thing that was not crushed. New shoes have to be tasted ,its very important!You have to make sure that you can wear them for long time before climbing. Plastic shoes, shoes for climbing, the storm itself, usually rent.
  • Trainers, boots, high riding (closed ankle), good tracking is usually expensive, but there is a sense to buy it. In the economical option you can take indoor shoes high ankle, preferably waterproof, for a summer of climbing on the first days of the program is fine and sneakers, but in May a lot of snow, we'll have to take trekking, you can also save money taking them to hire on the spot, it's always cheaper than buying.
  • Warm hat: Polartec or fleece, they are not expensive, light, warm and not blown.
  • Socks trekking or snowboarding, insulated 2 pair or thermal socks high as the knee. These socks have a soft shock-absorbing structure inside, thereby further preventing the foot from blisters.
  • Pants for climbing or snowboarding, you can just winterized, winter top with a waterproof material. Ideal: trousers - self-dumps, are then loosened from the sides completely, can be removed without removing boots.
  • Knitted sports pants, or stretch for girls.
  • Fleece jacket(lightweight but warm jacket made of fleece), sweater or Polartec.
  • WARM THICK Down JACKET, if not, windproof warm jacket. Will fit any ski, snowboard better. Most importantly is windproof. (Jacket is the perfect option, if not - let rental)
  • Insulated gloves (batting, ski, snowboard insulated)
  • Mittens down for climbing (there for rent).
  • Personal hygiene items, only the most necessary.
  • Swimming trunks, bathing suit (for those who can swim in the thermal springs)
  • A light raincoat (available for purchase on arrival to Elbrus for 5-10 euros)
  • Sleeping bag with "Comfort - 5 - 10"...or what will find, we need only at the cabin for 3 nights, the temperature in the hut +5+2 , has hire.
  • The equipment you need for climbing Elbrus
  • Special equipment (crampons, ice ax, sticks - find the rent).
  • Trekking poles are telescopic, you can ski, size approximately to the waist, the legs whole, the sharpness of the tip is irrelevant.
  • Shoe covers
  • Crampons
  • Ice axe (Choose the size of ax: if to take in the hand and stand up straight, the lower end of the ice axe should almost touch the ground)
  • Safety system (arbor) with two things for self safety,two carbines
  • Thermos 0,5 - 1 liter
  • Headlamp flashlight (suitable for 5 euro diode, it is better to have 5-6 diodes)
  • Cargo backpack 80 liters for lifting (getting) all the things in the hut, the high camp for overnight (sports bag)
  • Backpack storm small 25 - 50 litres for the ascent and for the daily outputs in a small backpack you will have: a thermos, a spare jacket, snacks for the day, raincoat, camera, boys part of the group equipment)
  • Sunglasses 100% protection Elbrus from UF, points should close around the eye to be tight. How to check points. If looking at them in the sun, eyes freely suffers, that is your option. Good points the thing is expensive, as is rent for 2 euros per day.
  • Sunscreen! (SPF 30 - 50), not below enough one tube for 3 persons(important).
  • Hygienic lipstick with UF factor !

If you do not have the listed equipment, its okay. Our forefathers ascended to Elbrus with cotton pants, a couple of wool sweaters, and top coat. I know quite a few well-equipped young men never who rise to Elbrus. Good equipment and strong muscles is not important when climbing. Willpower and perseverance make miracles. All that you will not be able to find, it will be possible to rent.

Recommendations on selection of equipment for a hike in the mountains, for climbing Elbrus


If you are active in tourism,hunting, fishing- it makes sense to buy Hiking boots. Certainly not worth buying them if you decided to hold extreme vacation in the mountains, decided to get acquainted with the Elbrus and are not sure whether you'll appreciate these shoes in the future. It is always possible to rent trekking shoes we have on Elbrus, directly on arrival. Rental is much cheaper than buying, given that Bicycle mountain shoes cost about 10 euros a day and for 5 days, then it is much cheaper than to buy trekking shoes.

If you decided to buy shoes, then here are some recommendations:

We are interested in trekking shoes for altitudes 2-5th. meters.

Hiking boots are almost an indispensable thing in any mountain hike, to climb Elbrus. Trekking shoes usually divided into categories depending on the heights, for which they are intended. When choosing, it is important to pay attention to a few things:

* Top of the boot should be high, which would firmly fix the ankle, protecting against possible dislocation.

* Lacing must ensure good fixation of the foot and ankle

* The sole should be firm, almost bendable, ideally, does not bend, and with good grippy tread, (many manufacturers put on their shoes special patented vibram sole - a great option).

* Back on the sole it is desirable to have the bezel (the notch) for semi-automatic fixing of cats to boot, a tall boot is often a Welt and front and rear.

* The material of the shoes should be modern, composite, with different multilayer breathable membrane or skin, ideally Gore-tex. Any fur inside (fur - a sign of amateurism to trekking shoes).

Shoes on height of 2-4 thousand meters found with soft sole, which is less practical.

There are trekking shoes which are suitable even for climbing to the top of mount Elbrus, though ideally it is considered that on mount Elbrus you need to go in a plastic Shoe designed for high-altitude climbing with extra internal insulation.

Trekking shoes suitable for climbing generally is much more expensive.

When choosing a Shoe, the foot should be well fixed inside, you can take the shoes half a size bigger and the toe was a little loose, but not in any way that would not be crushed! Try just with one trekking sock, sock for snowboarding or insulated, no wool socks!

Hiking boots are good because they can go in heat and in cold, they breathe, it does not get wet, well protect from injuries. Always a good spread of new shoes before going if you don't want to have blood blisters!

To buy or not to buy trekking shoes - you decide)

There's always a rental, where you can save.

In the summer on the first 4 day climbing high top sneakers are suitable, preferably waterproof or sports footwear.
Equipment rental in Elbrus
Ent of mountaineering equipment for ascending.

Rental of mountaineering and ski equipment and clothing rental, shoes for climbing Elbrus. All you need is in stock, in those cases, if there are not enough dimensions, we collaborate with other rentals on Elbrus, there are several.


The rental fees are indicated per day in euros

in parentheses indicate what the approximate number of days may need equipment:

• Climbing boots plastiс Scarpa – 8 euros (need 4 days)

• Climbing boots The North Face Verto S6K - 13.5 euros

• Climbing boots The North Face Verto S8K - 20 euros

• Trekking shoes - 6 euros (need 3-5 days)

• Crampons – 4 euros ( need 4 days)

• Sleeping bag – 7 euros (3 nights)

• Telescopic poles – 3 euros (need 7 days)

• Down jacket mountaineering – 4 euros (need 4 days)

• Jacket lightweight – 3 euros (need 3-4 days)

• Mountaineering mittens - 3 euros (need 4 days)

• Trekking gloves (fleece or sport) – 1 euro (7 days)

• Ski mask - 3 euros(need 4 days)

• Glasses climbing - 2 euros (need 7 days)

• Climbing ice ax – 3 euros (need 4 days)

• System(harness) - 3 euros (need 4 days)

• Leggings – 3 euros (will need 4-6 days)

• Cargo backpack (large) - 3 euros (2 days)

• Assault backpack (small) - 3 euros (need 7 days)

• Climbing pants insulated - 5 euros (need 4 days)

• Pants light – 3 euros (3-4 days)

• Jacket membrane - 5 euros(2-6 days)

• Thermos 3 euros (7 days)

• Fleece jacket – 5 euro price for the whole tour

• Cap fleece – 3 euros for the whole tour

• Headlamp – 3 euros for the whole tour

• Balaclava – 3 euros for the whole tour

In parentheses are the approximate number of days,maybe you will need specified equipment to hire in tours: climbing, fitness tours, photo tours. Prices in rubles per day. Some positions are interchangeable, for example: stick ski or telescopic sticks – on the ascent we need to stick, and which you choose yourself, in detail, refer to the list of necessary equipment.

Rent ski and sports equipment for participants in the snowboard and ski tour

The rental price per day in rubles:

• Snowboard 7-10 euros

• Snowboard boots 5 euro

• Downhill skiing 8 euros

• Boots for downhill skiing 5 euros

• Cross-country skiing 5 euros

• Boots for cross-country ski trail 3 euros

• Skiing Ski Touring 15 euros

• Protection of the wrist 2 euro

• Protection on back 2 euro

• Protection shorts 2 euro

• Mask snowboard 4 euros

• Goggles for snowboarding 3 euros

• Jacket snowboard 5 euros

• Pants snowboard 5 euros

On location all prices will be in RUSSIAN RUBLES,you can change your money at our location.

Before choose your equipment and buying clothes-please ask first guides or sellers in shops who are professionals in this topic area
Physical preparation and training for climbing Elbrus
How to prepare for the climbing on Elbrus? Advices, recommendations:

Just climbing and Hiking in the mountains – check the whole body for endurance. Completely untrained person will have tight muscles protested after the first day of the trip. To feel good in the tour and to keep up with the group, we recommend you to start preparing for the trip at least a month before the start. And the best, as early as possible. And if you have decided to perform the feat, decided to go on Elbrus,decided to change something in your life, so get to training today. Remember that phrase? "Everything will change tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes – you wake up every morning, and is starting today!"

In the first days after the beginning of the training, some people experience mild muscle pain. It arises from micro tears of muscle fibers during physical exertion, and partly from lactic acid, which fills the muscles after exertion. No need to start with max loads, start with the usual warm-up and light jogging, gradually increasing the load, the pain passes quickly and the muscles become stronger and tougher. To prepare for the Climbing of Elbrus suitable running middle and long distances, training cross-country skiing, Cycling, preferably on rough terrain. Classes endurance should be alternated with training in the gym. To different muscle groups-will have time to recover.

Of daily exercise you should definitely do squats, you can also include push-ups, perform exercises for back and abdominal. You should start with small loads, but over time the number of repeats to increase.

In preparation for the climbing you should pay particular attention to proper nutrition, from food depends on the state of your health and immunity in preparation for the climbing. Include in your diet more fresh fruits and vegetables. If you are a vegetarian, then you know what your body needs and natural healthy eating know better than anyone. If you like meat - try to accept simple truths: any meat, including poultry, cannot digest most of the side dishes: pasta, buckwheat, potatoes, bread. Eat meat only with vegetables, perfectly assimilated and digested as it should with vegetables, otherwise digestion will not be good for your body.

In any case, do not drink tea or even coffee immediately after a meal, especially sweet, as sweet blocks all digestive processes. If you have a sweet tooth - nothing wrong with that - just eat it at least 2 hours before or after a meal.If sweets not mixed with any food - can be useful, but in any case, not immediately after a meal.

Limit consumption of leavened baked products, fast foods, carbonated drinks, fatty and fried foods. Alcohol and coffee raise pressure, it makes sense to stop dinking this at least a month before the start of the tour.

THE WATER IS IMPORTANT. Drink plenty of pure water, preferably spring water washes away all problems from the body, think about the value of water for your body! Definitely in the morning a glass of clean water for 15 minutes before eating, after eating try not to drink much - if I want to drink after eating, just rinse the throat and take a few small sips, good if you drink during the day at least 2 liters of pure water, it will greatly improve your immune system and bring the body in tone.

Smokers should think about the fact that it's time to rid yourself of the addiction. Many times met happy people who have quit Smoking during the climbing of Elbrus.

Climbing Elbrus is a great shake for all muscle groups, endurance testing, moral, spiritual and physical. After the hike you will feel rejuvenated, stronger, resilient and resistant to small life problems. Change your common vacation, new strongest impressions, and see what it's like to relax after a vacation in the mountains, give yourself the powerful energy of this element of the mountains!

Exercise guidance to prepare for the Ascent of Elbrus:

Runnig. If possible, try to run on soft surfaces, the rubber coating on the stadiums, paths, fields – great fit. Minimize running on asphalt, because you can break down and clog the muscles from such experiments, and try not to run along the trails and roads, because your lungs don't need the whole set of the periodic table. Fresh air of forest trails – perfect for your spirit, your perfect body and health. Will see how it goes week after the beginning of training, and you will have to pull an unstoppable force, again and again to practice. The body is a perfect creature, and as soon as you show him the benefit of loads of training, he will ask for more, knowing that gives himself through training, valuable health and charge natural energy. Need to be patient just 10 days after the beginning of training to convince myself to go to the stadium if you haven't practiced. Your body will quickly remember the youth. Then you are going to want to train more and harder. Ideally to run in the evening or in the middle of the day. Early in the morning only warming up, enhanced training in the morning is not only useful, but too abruptly loaded not awakened body, thus endangering your heart. In the morning very useful: warm-up, stretching, yoga, light jog without heavy loads. In the evening, on the contrary - it is useful to train on a full power. In the end, at the end of your training process in preparation for the climbing, ideally, you should be free to run on a 2-hour workout without stopping, accelerations at 1-1.5 minutes every 15 minutes (acceleration is very good for the heart, and during the ascent, cardiac load will not be so sensitive when properly carried out the training process). In the modern world just to find time to workout is hard,but if you want to feel good on the TOP of ELBRUS-try to cut your schedule in such a way that if in a week was 3-5 exercises for 2 hours, plus a light warm-up for 5-10 minutes in the morning.

Of course, in our practice,the tops have reached those who have never played sports and didn't train. But if you start to train and prepare for the climbing, then on arrival your chances of success reaching the top will be much higher than if you are not prepared. And at the crucial moment when you need to make the final push to the top, you will remember with a smile and gratitude to yourself physical training.

Start to prepare at least a month. If you just ran an easy pace of 12 km without stopping – it is excellent. You have all the chances to be on top.

A week before the start of the tour stop training, let the body rest and recover. Here, in the Elbrus load are already in the first days of the climbing program, the spirit and the body quickly returns to normal upon arrival, remembering the training sessions.

A contrast shower to improve immunity. Get into shower and start to switch the water from warm and hot to cool and ice, three approaches, a week after the start of hardening can already stand in ice water for 30 seconds. and more. Will see how your body will be pink and enjoy the rush of blood, asking for more and more testing. Don't overdo it! You should start gradually, alternating warm and cool... and then increase the temperature difference between the water feels. Then, when you'll be swimming in the ice water of the beautiful waterfall "Devichyi Kosy" on the third day of the program.

Vitamins. Recommend a month before the start of the tour to take ascorbic acid, 2-3 vitamins a day, more is not necessary. Vitamins need to be taken systematically, day after day. In the morning, afternoon and evening. Certainly expensive vitamin complexes can also be used, but the effect is not much better than simple vitamins, so you decide. Drink plenty of fresh water, preferably natural! Climber at a height of 3-4 thousand meters should drink up to 4 liters of fluid a day, which would feel perfectly at such heights. Accustom yourself to the water. Clean water brings much more benefits to your body than you think.

The results:

1. To train or not is your choice, the more you train, the higher the chances of success. A week before the start of the tour, training should be stopped to give your body a rest before climbing.

2. Drink more water! 2 liters a day - the key to good health, it is especially important in big cities.

3. A proper healthy diet, more fruits and vegetables,meat without with vegetables.

4. Vitamin complex at any pharmacy!

5. Contrast shower–boosts immunity and stamina in general. In the mountains not always the sun, and to the piercing wind and iced waterfalls, hardening will prepare you perfectly.

Good luck to you, you are unusual and lucky, if you read how to prepare for the incredible adventure of your life how to prepare for the climbing of Elbrus, don't forget to take care of your health, body, and spirit. Waiting for you on Elbrus,but happy, healthy, strong and smiling.
Time and place of the group meeting
All groups of Climbing and Fitness tours:

Igor Besson and/or Anastasia will meet you at the airport.

On the first day of the tour each group we meet in the airport Mineralnye Vody at 1:30 am, near the fountain in the center, you will directly see it.

On the last day of the tour will come shuttle at 9 am from the village of Elbrus Mineral Water (at the airport we will be at 12:30 by local time).

If you go to Elbrus by car, it is better to come to general meeting in Mineralnye Vody airport.

Immediately after the meeting begins the first day of the tour:


Photo and Fitness tour

Snowboard and Ski tour

In Mineralnye Vody airport fly a lot of planes from different cities of Russia and not only, if you look at the tickets in advance, their price can vary a lot. Guaranteed, you can catch flights cheaper if you start to watch tickets a month before the trip. You will help a well-known search geniuses called a Skyscanner! You can check also Aeroflot, C7, Ural airlines.

If you decided to come for a day or a few days before the start of the tour, in Min Vody or Nalchik - take a taxi to the settlement of Elbrus, after having informed the organizer of the group.

In Elbrus hotel "Peak of Europe" we will meet you, additional cost is 20 euros a night. With us you will meet a whole group in the first day of your tour.

The second Option: to get to Elbrus by train to Mineralnye Vody. From the station to the Airport there is a minibus every 30 min. Or, if you decided to go by train, please inform the organizer about this and we will pick you up at the station after meeting the main group.

Third option: you can fly to Nalchik or Mineralnye Vody on the day of arrival of the group after fixed time of the meeting, in this way you will miss a first day of the tour (hot springs and blue lakes).

And by yourself you can get to Elbrus hotel "Peak of Europe", the whole group is already at 20 pm will be there, we will meet you there.

Fourth option: by car to Airport Mineralnye Vody. Meeting and then right behind our bus you by your car.Directly the fist day of your tour starts and then also with us you go to Elbrus hotel "Peak of Europe", we have no problem to leave the car there. We have a secure parking. Either the day before the group comes to Elbrus, leave your car at the parking, spend the night with us and next day you go with us by bus to meet the main group of the tour.

If you decided to get by yourself to base camp -it is the Elbrus village,hotel "Peak of Europe".
WELCOME TO the team!
You will have an unforgettable climb to the top of Europe and an active holiday accompanied by professional mountain guides. A real test of yourself for strength. Magic landscapes, views, a lot of bright impressions and incredible emotions! Memorable pictures, many new friends! Beautiful, young and bright people from your new friendly team called ... however, you have to choose the name of the team, because "how you name a ship - this way it floats."

Video climbing Mount Elbrus Besson cinema
Besson cinema

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